"12 angry men."

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This movie is one of the best that has ever been made. I believe that the writer did an incredible job with the script which is mostly what carries the film. When this film is viewed several times it just seems to get better. The many fine points that are within this film are like no other film has ever done. This is a film that is shot in black and white. Ths is most fitting because the film is some what a good vs. evil, or black and white. Small elements like these are so much fun to notice throughout the film.

This film is shot mostly in a jury room whom the jurors are to decide the fate of an 18-year old who is accused of killing his father. Within the jury room the film depends on the actors to make it the masterpiece that it is. The actors are Martin Balsam, E. G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, Jack Warden, and Ed Begley play supporting roles as jurors as tension develops between Lee J.

Cobb, and Henry Fonda, the only juror to vote a murder suspect not guilty on the jury's first vote. All the jurors on this all-male jury are different and each have perfect roles.

The acting is superb. The slightly built eighteen-year-old immigrant on trial for his father's murder could not look more like a victim of the system, and these jurors, on the hottest day of the year, are too anxious to get on with their lives. When Fonda, calm and self-deprecating, wants to investigate the evidence further, the annoyance of the rest of the jury becomes evident as the jurors use racist lines such as "These people are dangerous, wild," "They don't know what the truth is," "Slums are breeding grounds for...