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1984 Fiction. /267 pages Orwell, George. 1984. New York: New American Library, 1961.

1984 at the hands of totalitarianism in London, the nation of Oceania.

Winston Smith - A protagonist who is extremely contemplative and desperate to understand how and why the party, ¡°Big Brother¡± exercises such power in Oceania. Struggles to reason about his individuality and the party with his intellect throughout the novel.

Julia - Winston¡¯s lover who also hates the party. She is more practical and content to live in the moment and make the best of her life while Winston is concerned more about large-social issue.

O¡¯Brien - An antagonist and also a powerful member of the Inner Party who tricks Winston into believing that he is the member of the revolutionary group. He is a shadowy and symbolic enigma of the obscure inner party.

As the novel opens, Winston is living in the world of totalitarism where he is constantly watched by a party.

The party controls everything in Oceania and has an omniscent leader, a figure only known as a ¡°Big Brother¡±. Winston feels frustrated by the oppression and harsh control of the party and begins to rebel. First, he buys a diary and writes his thoughts, which is considered a ¡°Thought crime¡± by the party. He works in the Ministry of Truth, where he finds a beautiful dark-haired girl named Julia, who also hates the Party. Winston and Julia ends up being in love with each other and begin a clandestine affair. Eventually, they rent a room at a Prole District (ghetto) in a secondhand store. As their affair progresses, Winston¡¯s hatred for the party grows more and more intense. At last, they receive a message from O¡¯Brien, an antagonist from the Inner Party, who tricks them into believing that he is...