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Many governments use some form of mind control over their citizens. Governments use mind control in different ways to secure the loyalty of their citizens and to greaten their own power over them. Governments do these things by spying on their citizens, imposing quotas, and hiding the truth from them.

One form of mind control used by governments is spying. In "Spycraft and Soulcraft"� the German government kept extensive records of their citizen's lives, especially of those who spoke out against the government. One woman, Vera Wollenberger, found out that the government had been keeping extensive files on her lifestyle and activities. What was most alarming was that she discovered that her biggest informant was her husband. (McPherson, Spycraft and Soulcraft, pg.1) This situation as bizarre as it may seem is not that unusual. Family members acting as informants are also present in the novel 1984, by George Orwell.

The character Parsons was turned into the Thought Police by his own children, who were part of the Junior Spies, for saying " Down with Big Brother!"� repeatedly in his sleep. (Orwell, 1984, pg's. 192and 193) Discovering that a person has been spying on you is alarming and disturbing. Discovering that one's own flesh and blood is the informant is the most despicable. This is the ultimate betrayal. A society that creates this situation should remain only in novels, however, as in "Spycraft and Soulcraft"�, societies like this, unfortunately do exist.

In "Liberty and Justice for All"�, Garrison compares the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984 to the U.S. government. Both institutions strive to protect their citizens from the truth by creating a truth that is more "desirable"�. In Oceania, The Ministry of Truth was used to control people's lives. They could make it so people who have existed to...