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Otto I, or The Great, was said to be one of the greatest Saxon rulers ever. Who really was Otto the great? Otto the great was a person who wanted to begin consolidation with the Holy Roman Empire, he led the Battle of Lechfield, and he was crowned emperor in 962.

Otto began consolidation with the Holy Roman Empire in 936 AD. He was considered by many historians to be the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Otto was an effective military warrior who encouraged military colonization and missionary activity eastward into the Slavic world. He held a campaign to restore kingship on the Carolingian model. Because of his effectiveness as a military warrior, he led the Battle of Lechfield.

The Battle of Lechfield began in 955 AD. His Military genius was tested as he faced continuous raids against the Ducal of Rebellions. The unfortunate thing about the "Dukes" is that his brother, Henry of Bavaria.

In 954, the empire was invaded by the Magyars and enforced the nobility to reunite with Otto in order to defend them. He was able to defeat the Magyars in the battle and it temporarily restored peace throughout his empire.

Otto was crowned emperor in 962 by Pope John XII. Pope John XII eventually turned against him and his increasing power. Otto imposed the rule that no pope could be elected without the approval of the emperor. The proclamation opened up an era of German domination of the papacy and, in effect, made him the head of the Christian community. Otto later died in 973 and was succeeded by his son Otto II.

So who was Otto the Great? Otto was known as a founder of the Holy Roman Empire, a military genius, and revived the Roman Empire. I guess...