4 New Faces For Rushmore

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Four New Faces

"A monument's dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated."- Guzton Borgham. Why is Mount Rushmore so important? People count Mount Rushmore and the faces on it as a big thing because the "important" people in the world say we should. But are we thinking about who we think are important?

Tom Anderson, the creator of myspace. These are the reasons why he would be on my new Rushmore. He is the creator of myspace.com; hundreds of thousands of people are on myspace each day. Myspace is one of the most popular websites ever created. Tom founded the sight with Chris DeWolfe. Tom however became the face of myspace.

Jonathon Ive, creator of Apple iPod. Jonathon designed the original iMac, iBook, and iPod. He created the first iPod on October twenty third 2001. He is currently the senior vice president of industrial design at Apple in California.

IPods are currently the most popular MP3 player bought. An average of one iPod is sold per minute. IPods have also greatly changed the rules in many schools.

Bono, Paul David Hewson lead singer and guitarist of U2. Well known for his humanitarian work in Africa and his efforts in canceling the debt of poor third world countries. He set up "DATA" Debt Aids Trade in Africa to raise awareness about Africa's debts the spread of aids and trade rules that hurt the continents poor citizens. Bono was in Time magazine's 100 most influential people and also named person of the year. He was also a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, and then later awarded the Pablo Neruda International Presidential Medal of Honor from the government of Chile.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential people of this generation. Oprah was able to...