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The 50's was a time of change, it was a generation on the brink of discovery, it was a generation that would define the very way of life that was to come for future generations. Many things are the same between the teenagers of the 50's and the teenagers of the 90's.

In the 50's teenagers were expected to conform to the way society was expected to be in every aspect of life. In the 90's teenagers are expected by their friends and their kind. Racial segregation was a big issue in the 50's. It affected almost everyone, schools were segregated, bathrooms were segregated, and minorities were considered a lower class of human being. In the 90's it not as a big issue, but in a lot of southern states there is still tension. There is still the Ku Klux Klan, and many people were angry towards the million man march.

In the 50's teenagers were not listened to. The father went to work all day, the mother did housework and made dinner. There wasn't much affection inside the family, or communication. In the 90's, almost all of the teen crimes in America is blamed on a parents communication with their children. There are many advances today that were not conceivable in the 50's. Today you can live after suffering from many diseases that would killed you in the 50's. We don't have to worry about polio, the flu, and or pneumonia. Today we all have at least one TV, most of us have more. We can live out in space for months at a time, and there are computers in every classroom in school. We also have much better communication with each other by using phone or Internet and talk with people all over the world; while in 50's you would feel lucky if you would receive a letter from your love one on other continent for less than couple of months. In the 50's opportunities were very scarce for women and minorities. Today there are laws for equal opportunity employment. In the 50's invincible J. M. Fangio was ruler of Formula 1 race tracks all over the world. Now in the 90's that title belong to Michel Schumacher who is breaking records that seemed written in stone during Fangio's time.

Important world issues were very different in the 50's, than now in the 90's. In the 50's, the cold war was one of the most important issues to deal with for Americans. Recent war ended in 1991, now the main concern is Iraq. In the 50's, there was a mass hysteria over the Russian production of atomic weapons. Now the Americans are worried about the Russians selling the weapons to the other countries. In the 50's, the Cubans received atomic missiles from the Russians, this created the Cuban missile crisis.

The 50's was a time of change, but there are many issues and problems that are the same as the 90's. The 50's was a lot like the 90's, without all of the technological advances.