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The ABC Murders By Agatha Christie 236 pages Not On Reading List 1. Type of fiction or non-fiction- This book is a mystery/fiction book.

2. Setting- This book takes place in an asylum surrounded by forest some place in England.

3. Conflict- The conflict is man vs man 4. Point of view- This book was written in first person.

5. Protagonist- The protagonists in the story are Poirot and Hastings.

6. Antagonist- 7. Mood of story- The mood of the story was mysterious and was like a thriller-type story.

8. Author's purpose- The author's purpose in writing this book is to boggle your mind and make you try to figure out the mystery as well as entertain you.

9. Theme- I don't think there is a theme to this story.

10. Example of foreshadowing- You knew that the victims would die in alphabetical order and knew the places where they would be killed.

11. Example of irony- A man whose last name began with E was accidentally killed.

12. Characterization- Hercule Poirot was the main detective in The ABC Murders. He is extremely sharp when it comes to intellects and he was the one who solved the case.

12. Recommendation and part you liked the best- Summary of first half of The ABC Murders: Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings receive a letter that stated that someone would die July 21 in Andover. The letter was signed by "A.B.C." They reported it to the police and they said they received these letters all the time and it was probably just a joke. Poirot wasn't too sure and on the 21 of July, Mrs. Ascher was murdered in Andover. The found a clue left by A.B.C. and on the 24th, they received a letter saying someone in Bexhill-On-Sea would be...