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I read the book abduction, It was about these teenager, who were missing four hours of their night. they could not remember anything at all about what happened in these short hours. when luke was first abducted, he was in the street, under the high tension wires. When he woke up from the first abduction, he was in his bed. He could not figure out how he got in his bed. When mandy was first abducted, she was in her room reading a book.

when she awoke from her abduction, she was outside on her porch. When she woke up she was acting like, dumb. She was never dumb before this.

When they woke up the next day, they both went to the quarry pool. when they were there this boy named quentin was acting all foolish, like he was the reason for their missing hours. Mandy ran as soon as she saw Quentin.

She ran all the way to the public library. When luke saw Quentin, he to walked away. he then walked to the library. they both were looking for the same book. after that they were pretty close to each other. They both went to where luke was abducted, they took a video camera. they were both abducted again, and when they got back they looked at the camera and saw themselves being abducted. when they got too mandys house they tried to show her dad what happened to them, but the video had mysteriously been erased. the next day they went to an alien abductees meeting were quentin and the gang was waiting for them.

1) What were your feelings after reading the opening chapters of this book? I felt this was going to be another boring book, but then I got really interested and was flying through. I also thought that this was a funny book, and that we were gonna all be abducted and not know who was gonna do it.

2) What came as a surprise in the book? Why? It came as surprise to me that the tape was erased, and that her parents believed a white lie that she told them. I also thought that Jeff's being part in Quentin's gang was surprising.

3) Do any of the characters remind you of friends, family members, or classmates? Yes, the girl named Mandy reminds me of one of my fellow classmates, Ali she reminds me of her because she is very smart and seems to think similar and act similar to her.

4) What do you know now that you didn't know before reading this book? Before I read this book, I never thought that people actually held "alien abductee meetings." I also didn't know that the aliens could turn invisible, or look identical or resembling humans, with human type features and wants.