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Abigail AdamsWhen it comes to the United States founding in 1776, the first thought that comes to our mind is the “Founding Fathers”. The Founding Fathers were very extraordinary people and the things that they did were just as good, but who do you think helped them during their times of troubles, during the hardships that they had to face and during the times when they just could not go on anymore? Who are these people and why do we know hardly anything about them. Who are these people that helped shaped the country into what it is today, who? The answer is the Founding Mothers, in the book “Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation”, Cokie Roberts definition of a Founding Mother is “the women, who tended home and hearth often under dire circumstances, ran farms and businesses, fought on the front lines of battle, acted as spies, and raised money for the troops… their political and social sentiments proved more insightful than those of the men in the Continental Congress.”

This definition is accurate enough for most people but not for Abigail Adams, Because Abigail Adams was more than this, she was a true Founding Mother and one of the greatest in history.

Abigail Adams is not just a model for Founding Mothers she is a template, a template that all other Founding Mother tries to create but could not, making her a one in a million. When Abigail was a child she was not given a formal education yet she was passionate about reading and writing. This is one of Abigail’s traits that allowed her to become what she was and where she was. Passion can be a very powerful thing in life, Abigail’s Passion for reading and writing allowed her to meet a...