Abnormal Sychology

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Psychological problems resulting from head trauma, brain tumors, nutritional disorders, endocrine disorders, and brain infections.

There are many different ways the brain can be damaged or become diseased. Because the brain is responsible for so many functions, these disorders can greatly affect their personality and psychological well being. Some of the main causes are head trauma, brain tumors, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine disorders or infections of the brain.

Brain tumors can cause damage whether they are benign or malignant. A benign (non-cancerous) brain tumor will cause the brain to press against the skull possibly resulting in brain damage. Malignant brain tumors multiply cells so fast that the neighboring healthy cells are destroyed. The person may feel confused or depressed as their personality may also be affected by the tumor. They may not take care of themselves they way used to in regard to proper dress and hygiene. Even if the tumor is removed sometimes their personality will be changed permanently, although it may be a result of the surgery.

One "straight A"� classmate of mine had become more capricious after having a tumor removed. She was able to do the work but was no longer top of her class, and a slight, but evident change, had occurred in her personality. Even some of the people she "hung out"� with had changed.

Trauma to the head can also result in these kinds psychological changes. A person can suffer from a concussion, contusion, or a laceration. A concussion is a momentary loss of consciousness due to a violent blow to the head. Someone can have a concussion playing football or in a car accident. Mild concussions usually result in a complete recovery but repeated concussions may cause long term psychological damage. Severe concussions may cause amnesia, a disorder where the person cannot remember...