Aboriginal Religion, Spirituality and Beliefs

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Aboriginals believe in two forms of time; two parallel streams of activity. One is the daily objective activity, the other is an infinite spiritual cycle called the "dreamtime", more real than reality itself. The going ons of the dreamtime is what establishes the symbols, values and laws of Aborginal society. The Aboriginals also belive that some of their people posses(ed) unusaual spiritual powers, because they had contact with the dreamtime, or the dreaming as they prefer it to be named, or "the Everywhen".

The dreaming, in the eyes of the Aboriginals , was the time of creation. The ancestors and spirits forged the world that is around us. They created the animals, the plants and the earth. They forged large mountains and the barren desert lands. And they created the people. Meny of the Aboriginals believe that each person or tribe has a different dreaming. One person or tribe may believe in the Honey Ant Dreaming, while another may believe in the Kangaroo Dreaming.

But each "Dreaming" governs that individual's or tribe's beliefs and spirituality. But each Dreaming is usually based on that person or tribes surroundings. The person/peoples who believe in the Kangaroo Dreaming may live alongside the kangaroos, so they believe in the Kangaroo Dreaming, and they do not hunt the Kangaroo's or upset the balance between the two, as not to anger the spirits.

The Aboriginals believe that each and every person exists eternally in the Dreaming. That before life, you reside in one stage of the Dreaming, in life you are in another stage of the Dreaming, and in death you are in another stage of the Dreaming. It is believed that the children (called spirit-child) exist in the Dreaming and can only be initiated into life by being born through a mother. When the mother...