Is Abortion Immoral?

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Abortion arguments usually produce very strong opinions amongst Americans. People in favor of abortion, or pro-choice, have strong feelings towards women?s rights while people against abortion, or pro-life, provide counter arguments against killing the miracle of life. In 1973 the Roe vs. Wade case decided to legalize abortion in the United States and the controversy was born. Since then abortion is rapidly spreading throughout the country and women are abusing the choice as a cheap alternative to birth control. Abortion is killing off our future. Since when does a court decision allow us to play God? Abortion should be deemed as a homicide under almost all circumstances and women should stop putting aside their morals in exchange for some prolonged freedom. This essay will point out the moral issues, woman?s rights and the reasons for a rise in abortion in our country.

Why are women having abortions? Most women who go through with an abortion are concerned that the baby would change her life.

Some women decide they are too young or not financially stable enough to care for a child. Other women are fearful of being a single parent and do not want other people to know they had unsafe sex and became pregnant. The public is approving of abortions for many different reasons than the reasons just given. Our society thinks that women have abortions because of rape, incest, deformed fetuses or because their physical life is in danger. Our society does not want to hear that the women are too young, poor or afraid of admitting their wrongs. The public does not want to accept the truth and would rather sugar coat the reasons for killing a child.

Rape is a popular reason for legalizing abortion. Why should a woman bear a child that will only be...