Abortion: Women's Empowerment

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If I was in the position, where I were pregnant at this age and this kind of money earning level,I would get an abortion, because I am gonna go to college and make something of myself. I've accomplished to much to screw my future over. even if I did make a mistake/condom broke/got drunk. To further my abilities to get an abortion, I will use Women who have been victims of rape/incest/moms who will die if they give birth, as the poster child for my cause. Even though I darn well know that 98%of abortions are not for these reasons.

I would not be able to give my child up for adoption, as it would feel horrible. My feelings outweigh the value of human life. When there are feelings at stake, nothing can stand in my way.

I believe every alleged fact I was told, and easily regurgitate it on demand.

I was taught with a slant that pregnancy is always an ugly parisitic thing that happens to you, and is never beautiful. Its not empowering or beatiful to be able to form an entire mini-ecosystem within yourself that can support and care for a new life. Even if its something men can't do.

What is empowering however, is to have an abortion because it gives me an extra special right that men don't get. I need something extra as a token to validate myself. Sure sounds empowering.

If I come across anti-choicers who argue on-line with me I will only respond to the insults they make, the name calling and the mean things they say, by saying "is this how you argue?, shows how much you know! You see how opressive and horrible these people are!" or at least call them names back.

But if those horrible pro-ifers say...