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In 2004, accusations of abuse, torture, rape, and even homicide being done to prisoners held in the Abu Ghraib Camp in Iraq were brought to attention. The media got involved, and soon photos of U.S. soldiers in Abu Ghraib were leaking out and released to news stations and the internet, proving the accusations to be true. The soldiers seen abusing the prisoners in the photos were charged with maltreatment, aggravated assault, battery, and those proven to have done the most torture were sentenced to prison. We now get a full inside view of the torture due to "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib" and situation inspired "Boys of Abu Ghraib". This situation is one of the many scandals that have occurred in prisoners of war (POW) camps, showing disrespect and disobedience. In the recent years, prisoners of war camps and torture techniques have become less humane and more brutal, making it clear the Geneva Conventions need to be more clear and executed by camps.

In the movie it states the convention against torture doesn't exactly state what severe means. One point the guy says they the guy needs to have a "bad night". When asked what he meant he replies "Whatever you want". Which in turn could mean as bad as they handled these "criminals" (which i use very loosely) they technically weren't acting out of the guidelines. One could argue that crucifying a man and tying electrodes to his fingertips is a step above severe. You could then toss in the fact that a slight percentage of these presumed threats to all mankind were actually family men or just everyday citizens scared out of their minds.

The one thing I thought throughout the film seeing these pictures was the mindset of this whole ordeal. I wondered how much of...