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Descriptive Essay (1st Draft) Hafeez Hairi

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If anyone would question me the place I love the most and appreciate other than being in any other places in the whole world, I would answer them with the easiest answer that immediately came trough my mind, Acacia Villa. Acacia Villa is the memorable place where all of my siblings grew and lived in since we were toddlers until now. The house is located in a picturesque boulevard where each house stands on its own peak like a castle in the medieval period. My house includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a huge living rooms and our own entertainment room where we would enjoy most of our past times playing games as siblings our even with our guests.

When entering my house, the first place a person would notice is the huge living rooms where our family members would gather together for most of our precious time.

My beloved mother had chosen bright colors of flowers depicting peaceful scenery of a beautiful garden in the living room. Other than that, the wallpapers are tranquilizing and will make everyone felt undisturbed. Most of our guest probably felt the same emotions too. Next, furniture arranged in the living room is buoyant and neat. Comfy, black antique sofas on top of the wooden rugs had made our living rooms as lively as possible. With the huge and wide skylights located on top of the room, the living room felt energized during daylight.

Next, everyone in my house including my 2 siblings has our own spacy bedroom in the house. Our bedroom is located on the second floor of the house while there is a guestroom located on the first floor. Obviously, our parents occupy the master bedroom since the house...