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Homosexuality in our society today has become more openly widespread than ever, yet many still view it as something new and strange. Shakespeare wrote of cross-dressing in the Twelfth Night and the famous poet Walt Whitman was a homosexual. So, why does society put an emphasis on homosexuality as being "dirty" or "evil"? Two men or two women should be allowed to join in matrimony and adopt children in more than two states.

Racism and prejudice are synonymous words yet, one would think that to be racist is worse than being prejudice. If one admits that one is a racist society condemns he or she; however, a fear or dislike of homosexuals seems to break a common ground for most heterosexuals in our society. That fear or dislike of a person could be aptly defined as a type of prejudice. Bruce Bawer explains, "In a world of prejudice, there is no other prejudice quite like it.

Mainstream writers, politicians and cultural leaders who hate Jews or blacks or Asians but who have long since accepted the unwritten rules that forbid public expression of those prejudices still denounce gays with impunity" (61).

There are many reasons people have as to why same sex couples should not wed. For some it is a deep personal and private reason and for others it is the fear of being exposed to something that is different. Two of the more prominent and maybe more discussed reasons are Aids and child abuse. Lets take each of these reasons and briefly discuss how they affect a persons emotions, alters his or her judgment, and how not to let these reasons weigh so heavily on a person's feelings and perceptions of others.

Child abuse is a very common problem. Many children are abused in some form whether it...