Acting Against Animal Abuse (Persuasive Essay)

Essay by lilyandlittlemiss November 2014

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Ever since I was a little girl, I would watch ASPCA on the TV. from 9 to 11 in the morning. Gazing in wonder as the ASPCA investigators rescued abandoned animals and stopped dog fighting and puppy mills in their tracks. I could not help but make them my role models, wanting to be just like them when I grew up. But then the big world caught up to me, and I realized I may not be able to move out to a huge city and volunteer for them, my dreams may not come true. This realization hurt, and for a few years, I still wanted action against cruelty, but kept this feeling more silenced, without even realizing it. This year, I finally decided to do something about my passion and wanted to help local shelters. I have also tried to preach my case in as many situations as possible, in order to spread awareness.

This is why I am talking to you today.

Each day, all over the United States, hundreds of animals are being abused in any number of vile ways, you might not even imagine. People do unspeakable things such as setting animals on fire, pouring hot tar on them, starving their animals, beating them, tying them with duct tape and leave them to die, abandoning their animals, running puppy mills, taking part in dog fighting, and more. I believe it is our right to speak out for all that can't. This the national concern that I bring to you today.

One of the topics I plan on touching on today is pit bulls. Pit bulls are the least understood breeds out there. Most people think they are ticking time bomb, waiting to attack whoever comes into contact with them. This is as far from the truth...