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The most popular tele-serial throughout the Tamil community around the world for the past few years now has been Metti Oli. It is a story of how a single father brings up his five daughters, and focuses on the obstacles he faces in trying to marry them off, and the relationship problems his daughters face with their husbands and in-laws. Metti Oli represents the Tamil culture through different kinds of marriages and relationships of different kinds.

Adapting the tele-serial Metti Oli into a novel will allow readers to use their imagination and actually feel the emotions experienced by each character. When watching a serial, a viewer sees the character, hears their voices and would feel sympathy for or happiness for the character. When reading however, a person actually feels the sorrow, happiness and such emotions that the character experiences as though it was their own. It would also allow readers to have a better understanding of why each character makes the decisions he or she made under certain situations and visualize what decisions they would have made if they were in the same situation.

There are a few major challenges of adapting the serial Metti Oli into a novel. One of these challenges includes capturing the readers' emotions. In the original medium, the tele-serial, the viewers can actually see, hear and feel the emotions portrayed by each character. However, trying to make the readers feel those same emotions through a piece of writing, is more difficult because every detail of the part or situation may not be described such as the exact facial expressions or the tone of voice as well as it was in the serial. Since this novel will be in English, and read by people from various cultures, another challenge would be making sure the readers...