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Analysis of Genre of Computer Brand Commercials Computer brand commercials have always been a useful tool for our tech industry to persuade and influence America. This brand of commercials has always been a perfect example of how the tech industry has influenced our lives socially and mentally. These commercials depict every company's marketing strategy to stay successful by not just bringing what customers need, but a cutting edge technology that not only satisfies the customers and also effects their lives to great extent.

Apple, a computer manufacturing company, belongs to a category of such companies who have continued their efforts to develop cutting edge technology to open new doors into the 21st century. Apple's long standing campaign of T.V commercials has continued for more than a decade to influence America in many ways. The company's marketing strategies have been at their full strengths using character, technology and values to influence America.

Apple has used a number of commercials to appeal to its audience through such values for the past decade. If we look at the past decade, there have been lots of commercials that depict use of character, established values and common sense to influence the audience.

Khan2 According to the commercial presented in 1984, Apple claims its superiority in the tech world. The commercial shows a nation of people listening to their leader who stresses the significance of being one, having one resolve and one course. An athlete breaks the screen to signify the start of a new era that will revolutionize their lives. The commercial indicates January 1984 as the month that will go in history as the month the world witnessed the creation of a new computer. It's truly evident that after years of hard work, it was Apple who came up with the first personal computer;...