Advertisements Directed at Children.

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Should Advertisements directed at children be banned?

Nowadays, children tend to watch many hours of television each week including advertising directed at children for the latest toys and activities and for food and snacks which are not nutritious. It is widely believed that such advertisements should be banned, as they are likely to cause unnecessary pressure on both children and their parents.

Modern television is known to have a large number of entertaining and educational programs for children. It is also famous for it's distracting advertising breaks resulting in many people's frustration. The advertisements causing the most problems for adults as much as for their children are the ones targeting children the most captive audience of all.

Children, unlike adults, do not have enough knowledge and ability to make all the decisions and choices in life. It is obvious that children cannot make decisions based on the consideration of facts.

They can only perceive the world around them the way it is presented for them. For instance, if the advertisement on TV is very colorful, promising lots of fun and enjoyment, it is most likely to catch a child's attention and make him or her want to have that particular product the next time they visit the supermarket with their parents.

It is important to consider the pressures advertising directed at children may put on children and their parents. Undoubtedly, the majority of parents are very concerned about their children's mental and physical state. Therefore, they try to organize their budget in the best way to provide healthy and happy living for their children. Advertisements make it very difficult for adults as many of the food products advertised are fattening, lacking in nutritious value or contain too much caffeine. In particular this may raise concern because of the overweight issue...