Advertising Critique on "Krave" snack bar

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Advertising Critique

A Kellogg print advertisement for its new "Krave" snack bar was chosen for this assignment. The print ad appeared in the Men's Health Magazine, October edition. I choose this print ad because it grabbed my immediate attention while I was intensely reading the magazine. The appeal and effectiveness of this print advertisement will be discussed in terms of the marketing communication techniques and concepts (intended target, message structure, ad appeal, ad execution elements, MOA effectiveness, and overall strategy & objectives) that apply to this ad.

Intended Target:

The context and environment of this ad is very crucial in understanding the intended target audience. The placement in an upscale, health and lifestyle magazine considerably narrows the target audience. According to Rodale Press, publishers of the Men's health, the target audience is of the magazine is "upscale young men, guys who are in their 30s, married or single, living an urban lifestyle and very conscious about their looks and health."

Based on this definition, we can be clear that the ad is targeting upscale, health conscious men in their late 20's through mid 40's.


This ad uses combinations of appeals to attract the customer attention. The choice of color of the background and use of provocative and informational words projects a sense of richness and quality regarding the product. In a market place filled with many snack bars, Kellogg is trying to differentiate it's product by using an emotional appeal. The ad tries to create emotional bonding between the brand and the target consumer. "One bite of Kellogg Krave bar, and you will understand" is a powerful statement, it evokes an emotional bonding, an understanding in the part of the consumer in regard to the brand. The deep, dark colors used, the given prominence of the word "chocolate",