Affirmative Action

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750-1050 words on affirmative actionAffirmative ActionDocKnightA collegeThis document is to recommend to the board of this company that affirmative action policies be implemented. Affirmative action has long been seen as a program of opportunity for women and other minorities to gain access to higher education and professional jobs. While some may say it is a program of discrimination, that is usually just the white males and they are the ones this program was created for. This program levels the employment opportunity field among all candidates seeking employment. Whether for or against the Affirmative Action program or not, without it the company is susceptible to all forms of actionable lawsuits.

People against Affirmative Action will claim that it was supposed to end racism based on skin color, requiring companies to have a certain percentage of employees be a certain type of race or gender. They claim that this action by itself does too many what it is supposed to protect others from.

They say that the best person for the job should be based on qualifications not race or gender. Opponents of the program will also say that anyone can advance in this country, they just have to take some initiative and work hard and in this land of equality, in this day and age, one will be able to succeed.

There is only one problem with those thoughts; all of that is not entirely true. This program was not designed to hire a certain percentage of race or genders, but to be sure that they received an equal chance. For example if a black man with a degree in accounting and five years of experience applied for a job that a white man with similar education and experience applied for this program tries to be sure that everyone...