African Slavery

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The slave trade in Africa was planned to advance the African society demographically and economically.

The plan was to build up the population of Africa and at the same time economically advance the country by becoming fluent in the trading with other countries. However, as with many events in history the African slave trade had posotive and negative outcomes. In this case the negatives out weighed the posotives. The transatlantic slave trade has come to be known as one of the greatest forced migrations in world history. The outcome of this forced migration was the exploitation and brutalization of millions of human beings.

The transatlantic slave trade called for more, and more slaves constantly. In the seventeenth century, there was a growing desire for sugar in Europe. This lead to and increasing demand for slave labor in South America and the West Indies. These slaves were people who were traded for goods.

The slaves were the number one source of human labor in many countries. In modern society today, we can see that trading people for goods is inhumane and unjust. We had to learn this from our ancestors through the error of their ways. It is impossible to put a price on a human life. Who determines if three guns, a gold bar, and a case full of spices is equal to five slaves? This process of thinking was absolutely insane. From this process we can easily see why the transatlantic slave trade cause many problems in Africa's economy, political state, and demographics.

International slave trade was supposed to advance Africa's economy. Unfortunately it did just the opposite. Most of the goods that were brought into Africa in exchange for the slaves were only utilized by wealthy Africans of African royalty. The trading of African people was supposed to...