After reading and reviewing both President Bush’s and the democrat’s

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After reading and reviewing both President Bush's and the democrat's economic plans I have decided that I agree more with the democrat's plan. However, there are some points in President Bush's plan that I strongly agree with. One of these points is the fact the Bush wants to increase the child credit to 1,000 dollars. I think that this is something that will help many people and will be very beneficial in the future. Although both plans are supposed to help boost the economy I feel that the democrat's plan puts more money into the hands of consumers. That fact that my dad owns a small business also makes me lean more toward the democrat's plan. The democrat's have said that one of the things they are going to do is to give tax cuts to small businesses. This will allow the businesses to grow at a more rapid rate and continue to earn money.

One thing that also caught my eye was the fact that the democrat's plan to cut Social Security taxes. By doing this they are allowing people to receive more money in their paychecks. However, the one downfall to this is the fact that there will be less money flowing into Social Security trust funds. This could pose a problem for people who are currently receiving Social Security as well as those who are going to be receiving Social Security in the future. If there end up being more people getting there Social Security than there are people putting money into the funds, there may enough money to fulfill the needs of those receiving the money. I also strongly agree with the democrat's plan to offer more benefits for those who are unemployed. After the events of September 11th and the current bankruptcy of United Airlines many Americans have lost their jobs. By offering these people more benefits it will ease the shock of being fired or laid off. Although this may cut government revenues I feel that it is very important to help Americans who are in need. All in all I feel that the democrat's plan will be very beneficial to the United States economy. Although Bush does have a few good points the democrat's seem to be more in favor of giving back to the consumers, and as a consumer that is very appealing.