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Air National Guard On Tuesday Shane Perry and I went to the Air National Guard where we met Master Sergeant Chris Davis, who is the recruiting officer. There are only nineteen of these Air National Guard in the United States. We went to his office, he gave us some brochures, papers, an Air National Guard bag, and some awesome pictures. Also he told us a little, about what his job is. He is the person recruiters go to so they can get information on certain jobs. Then he shows the benefits and wages off the job and where they are to go for training for that particular job. He also told us a little about one of his missions. He was on this plane, in the air and another plane was to come in from behind and refuel it.

There at the Air National Guard they have no plane, except for the fake one out in front.

Their jobs consist of drawing plans, for communication uplinks. They have to find out how much cable it is going to take and how long it is going to take to install the uplink.

Then Master Sergeant Chris Davis showed us around the place. We got to see the tow main conference rooms, one used for meeting and church services and the other for special meetings. We saw the drawing department and the people that had to figure out what they need for the job, then have another department order all the stuff the need. Then we saw the communications department, their job is to make sure all the computers are working and the network is working also. Outside they have a building that has test this equipment.

I got to see the storage room that had the camouflage, the hats, boots and freeze dried meals. Also the have another storage room that keeps their equipment. The equipment is kept packed up, so if at any time they can have this stuff airlifted to the work site. Out side they have two communication satellite dishes. One they take with them on the job and the other the leave at the base, so they can communicate back and forth. There at the Air National Guard they have their own mechanic workshop and a place to work out. In the room with the weight training equipment the LAN is located.

When it came to lunchtime were able to have Thanksgiving Day dinner with them and it was very good.

Then we went back to his office, where we got to watch a video on basic training. It is kind of like boot camp. To get a job with the air national guard you must have basic training. The idea of basic training is to get you ready for life and for your career.

One of the jobs offered by the Air National Guard is Ground Radio Communications. It has to courses. One course last for 48 days and the other for 22 weeks. You learn stuff about first aid, semiconductors, power supplies, waveshaping circuits, digital circuits, computer fundamentals, network theory and soldering.

In the second course you learn about air traffic control, microprocessor controlled systems principles and microprocessor controlled radio systems.

The Air National Guard also offers other jobs like you only have to work one weekend a month. Then you can retire early after you have worked 20 years for them.