Air pollution in hong kong

Essay by percysiu November 2014

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Class: 5D Name: Cheung Ching Him, Anson Number: (7)

Air pollution in Hong Kong 'I durst not laugh for fear of opening my lips and receiving the bad air,' wrote William Shakespeare. Many people may feel the same the way when they are walking in Hong Kong streets. Air pollution in Hong Kong is often so bad that it is impossible to see across Victoria Harbour due to all the haze and smog. In this essay, I am writing to raise several concerns about air pollution and suggest various ways in which Hong Kong citizens can help reduce air pollution. First of all, one of the major sources of air pollution is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases from power plants. Moreover, vehicle emission also plays a dominant role in contributing to the serious air pollution in Hong Kong. This includes the emission of exhaust fumes from old diesel vehicles and private cars. Besides, another often overlooked cause is smoking. Many people smokes in public places and this pollutes the air. It is anticipated that if the problem remains unsolved, the environment in Hong Kong will be severely weakened. In the face of coping with such problem, a variety of measures can be taken by the government, citizens, EPD and several parties. A feasible remedy to the problem is that our government should set some policy to reduce exhaust fumes entitled from vehicles. The government should take initiatives in encouraging drivers to use electrical cars instead of their diesel vehicles. As electrical cars can emit less exhaust fume, this can help to reduce pollutants in air. Also, our government should impose more stringent regulations to prevent the drivers from idling engines. Besides, our government should also consider organizing some seminars which are about air pollution problem in Hong Kong.