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Edgar Dugourd Ms. Vieta AP Literature 1/20/14 !!!! ! Waiting in the line, something finally interrupted my extreme boredom. As usual I was

mad. I could not be mad at myself for coming to early nor to the company which required its

passengers to be there three hours before take-off but still, I was mad. I guess what they called

the summertime excitement of the two hundred kid group waiting to board as well did not

improve my mood. Thomas had indeed stolen Betty's candys and I found it profoundly mean too

for a second. I agreed with Elena, the monitor in charge, who explained Thomas he had to give

them back and say he was sorry. His face was showing good will, I swear, till he opened his

mouth with all the candy in it and screamed that Elena was not his mother. I wondered for a

while if as a kid of this age I would have said such things to an adult till this object hit my head.

As I bent to take the frizbee in my hand, I also wondered if someone was really thinking that it

would be okay to board with it. Without any surprise I gave it back to Elena who was running in

my direction with her hands over her nose and mouth and three children hanging after her legs

crying. She was deeply sorry and insisted to check if my head was fine and I said I would need

something worse to feel bad. However when I said those words, I looked at Kyle in a serious

way to make sure I was not giving him a bad idea.

 When I finally got the chance to show my ID thinking I was done at "let's go at the

airport and...