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It was a fine sunny Sunday. The sun was high up in the sky, and its strong sunlight baked my face until I felt the burn. Finally I woke up, felt like I was waking up from a long dream.

I was downloading music legally on my computer. How did I fall in sleep like that? I was wondering as a pain crept up my skull. The headache started to eat me inside out. What’s wrong with me? I tried to think of what happened to me but I could not think of anything.

Then suddenly, an alien from nowhere, jumped out my closet.

My heart rose up to my throat. It hung there and pounded loudly, and the sound of my heartbeat slowly filled up the whole room. My blood was rushing violently through out my body; I could feel my blood veins were almost busted. The alien, only a little bit shorter than me, had a muddy toned skin that looked like a dry creek bed.

It had a long flexible neck stretched out to support its watermelon big head. The eyes, shaped similar but were much bigger than the humans’, examined me from top to down. Its hands were hanging loosely on its arms, with long fingers that were as big as sausages. It actually looked familiar. I have seen him somewhere, I thought. So where is that? I tried to think hard regardless of my pain, but it has totally controlled me. What can I do now? I started to panic like a helpless child. I had to think of a way to deal with this alien thing in front of me.

After a long pause, I decided to break the silence and make a pleasant conversation with the alien, and see what I could do...