Alienation of The Unusual

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Being separated from the society one lives in or is introduced to, is a very appalling situation which weakens the individual’s life, actions and blinds his/her’s thoughts; resulting in the incapability of human minds in relation to the world. Something that is unusual to human eyes is not always welcomed but is alienated and barred from society. The British author Mary Shelly brings out this theme in her famous novel “Frankenstein” where the monster gets alienated from the society due to its shockingly unpleasant appearance. The monster was never given a chance to become a part of the society. This reason makes him to take revenge on Victor Frankenstein, his creator.

Victor Frankenstein the protagonist of the novel learns the science of creation of life and creates a very strange looking powerful being which due to its ugly and shocking appearance is barred and alienated from society. Ever since its creation the creature does not experience a friendship and love and its own creator after creating it, runs away.

“I rushed out of room and continued ...unable to compose my mind to sleep” page 49 of the novel. . The villagers of the society tried to get rid of the monster by throwing stones at him which made him run away from the village “ The whole village was roused some fled ... bruised by stones” page 103. The Delacey family also tried to get rid of the monster because of the monster’s hideous appearance “Felix darted forward, and with supernatural … me violently with a stick” page 136. All these lines comes forward with the same point that mankind triggers something unpleasant but is never ready to accept it into man’s area of dominance.

Even the ugly and hideous needs love; companionship is a very important factor of one’s sustenance or else the worst feelings is born. Such a feeling was born in the monster when it found no love and kindness. He realizes that he will never be accepted by humans “I am alone and miserable, man will not associate with me” (page 145) and he commands Victor to create a female companion for the monster, Victor initially agrees, but later disagrees as he thinks about the consequences if he had created the female and the destroyed the creation “You have destroyed the work you have began” page 172. This reason made the monster angry and made him take an oath that he would take revenge and would kill Elizabeth “Man! You may hate, but beware! Your hours will pass in dread and misery and soon the bolt … your happiness for ever” page 173. Alienation from the society with no one to turn to for love brought out the revengeful thoughts in the monster’s mind towards its creator ; Victor is the target for the monster as he is not just the creator of his hideous looks but all also his unhappiness. Victor was they very first person to abandon him and flee from him.

The monster observed every single thing that had happened but was never allowed to become a part of the society and this alienated him. Although the monster showed love and compassion for other people, instead of thanking him, they cursed him and tried to get rid of him. The monster tried to save a drowning child, but the father of the child thought that the monster was hurting the child and shoots him “but when the man saw me draw near, he aimed a gun … and fired” page 142. Another incident was that the monster helped the Delacey family a lot, by collecting woods and vegetables for the family, but later Felix tries to get rid of the monster not knowing that the monster helped him “and during the night I often took his tools, the use … several days” page 109. Most times kind actions and deeds are given a blind eye as human eyes are always clouded by issues mankind considers is important such as physical appearance and position in the society man lives in.

Victor brought the monster to life not knowing the consequences and made the monster suffer a lot by making him ugly which made him get rejected from the society as well as from other people’s lives. Although the monster tried to fit into the society, his fate carved by mankind did not let him. To create life was easy for man but to create love and accept the unusual into man’s community was a very difficult task. Alienation is a serious situation that questions the very roots of human’s loving capabilities and brings out the crafty character in mankind. Alienation breeds hatred and revengeful feeling in the person’s heart that is being alienated resulting in chaos and undesired actions.

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