It all starts with a kiss

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Running head: Full-Time Worker and Wife

Full-Time Worker and Wife

Full-Time Worker and Wife 1

Diversity Role Written Assignment

Full-Time Worker and Wife

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COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication

Maddie Guthrie

Full-Time Worker and Wife

It all starts with a kiss. A simple act that leads to so much more. When Robby Ryder and I had our first kiss, it was as if the world had stopped spinning. Looking up at him smiling at me, I knew that he was the one. Dating the first year we both had our insecurities, but we moved past the awkward conversations and truly fell in love with each other. Five years later I was walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress. Not counting the drunk 'in toast my father gave, the wedding was perfect. At the time the plan was that Robby would work and I would stay home and take care of things.

That worked for the first year until we felt the effects of the recession. Robby had his hours cut and the bills were stacking up. When I mentioned going to work at first Robby was furious that I had even considered it. "Women don't work" he spat back. Robby has a problem with stereotyping women. He thinks that they need to stay home and take care of their husbands (Dolly Chugh, 2014). I looked it up and according to the United Department of Labor "In 2010, women represented 46.7 percent of the United States labor force, a slightly larger share than at the start of the recession in 2007" Seeing that other women started working, I decided I wouldn't let our house foreclose all because Robby was being prejudiced, so I went out and found myself a job. I believe that despite...