Allow cellphones in school

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Allow Cell phones in School


Eribel Zapata



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Mr. Hudak

Allow Cell phones in School

In the today's modern life, cellphones are undoubtedly regarded as one as the most common means of communication that have given a greater impact to mankind life. Cell phones had become an indispensable multi-tool wonder including in classrooms. Young generation nowadays have used cell phones like an indispensable commodity that goes along with them anywhere in life, even at schools or in classrooms. Although, some people say that using cell phones in school is unacceptable, cell phones bring everyone many benefits and conveniences. Students using cell phones in secondary and high school makes student's life easier and safer in many ways. During familiar emergencies, violent attacks in school grounds and completing school work. Cell phones are not only used to communicate with other people anymore, they are also beneficial and easy to use when completing school assignments and projects.

Cell phones are important devices that are useful in emergency situations which may occur during school hours requiring students to contact or receive communication from others. Including injuries during classes such as, gym, carpentry, chemistry and cooking class. Students in gym class can fall over equipment or get tackle hard by someone else in football, resulting in a head injury or a broken foot. Also students can severely cut their fingers during carpentry class. According to National Institute of Teenage, 50% of teenager's injuries occur during school time in a classroom. Additionally chemicals could spill and burn someone which requires medical attention. Cell phones can allow students to contact ambulances or student's relatives immediately, rather than using the school phone which is in the office, probably too far from gym or other classrooms.

Cell phones are very useful devices during violent and...