Alumina Tort Liability

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Running Head: Alumina Tort LiabilityAlumina Tort LiabilityRita Ben-CherquiJohn MartoranaBusiness LawUniversity of PhoenixMarch 3, 2009Alumina Inc. is a company facing a lot of opponents other then Kelly Bates. In today's society there is a conscience of extremely environmentally people. With the polluting of Lake Dira there are many allegations being considered that are facing the environment and other items. In many business regulations there are many moral and ethical methods or issues that will need to be address. The company would be liable for the operations of the corporation due to misconduct as such companies like Texaco, Enron and many others. There are many corporations from 1975 threw the 1990s that started hiring ethics officers which would write a company handbook that would contain ethical policies, violations and how to form a complaint. These officers also investigated all problems that were due to unethical behavior. Alumina Inc. faces a lot of different opinion from the public and business community over the investigation of this new complaint from Kelly Bates. How will the company handle this situation and the public image for the company? The company choused to have a separate investigation done which will help the company because it will prove that the PAH levels are lower than 5 milligrams. This show's that Kelly Bates accusation is not valid.

Kelly Bates has requested information under the Freedom Information Act by giving Kelly certain information under this act it will limit the company's liability and give the company a more positive outcome. This will also help the company avoid some really expensive liabilities such as Strict liability (which do not require a finding of intent or negligence), Joint and Several Liability (If two or more defendants are found liable for an indivisible injury, the defendants will be held jointly and...