Am i alive

Essay by chunyichy November 2014

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Am I alive?

That night finally was doom to be an enormous and creepy dark hole, haunting in my mind so savagely that I couldn't get rid of the horrific feeling with an abnormal breath rate until now.

Here go the details of the story.

After tutoring my student, exhausted and aimless like a little helpless stray getting stuck in the desert island, I stumbled into the elevator without noticing the surrounding around me. As I finally stepped my foot on that confined space with a heavy and dizzy head, I realized one middle-aged man with a thick moustache roofing his stony and cold-blooded face was standing right in front of me. What is more, I could see his reflection through the mirror, like a ghostly image wandering around me, and absorbing the limited air to swallow down the nerve. Therefore, I automatically moved back to keep a distance from him with my arms akimbo, but the weirdest thing was that he just made his move to the direction towards me, which bridged the distance between us and quickened my heartbeat like the way the rabbit flees under the hunting of a ferocious wolf.

All I wished was the elevator could down faster so that I could get away from this frightening stranger. However, it just stopped at each floor without anyone entering and every time the door closed, he just came closer to me step by step, not uttering a single word. I was almost frightened to death like the feeling of being guillotined. While I tried to scream for help, he was unexpectedly stretching out his hands, pointing at my face and said, "You have blood on your face!" "What!" I almost cried out. "It is surely blood, the red blood!" He continued the...