I Am A Star

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I am a star in the midnight sky. I may appear small to a planet, but my magnitude of brilliance is colossal. I look down on people, and people look up to me. Sometimes the clouds can hide my appearance. I am always there though, no matter what. When all the stars are shining at night, you may not notice me. I tend to blend in with the rest of the stars. Their light can shine over mine. You think of me as being associated with different constellations. Although I look the same as other stars, if you look closely, I am very different.

The sky resembles a black lit canopy. It is my blanket. My light stretches for miles and miles. You tend to think of me as having five points, but my points of light are infinite. I have many sides, each holding a different quality.

On the nights where only a few stars can be seen, I like to shine the brightest. My glowing silver color is seen when you look. Just look into the midnight sky, and you will find me there until the planets turn.

When daylight comes, I tend to disappear. I wait for the hours when the layers will be stripped away. Five p.m., the blues fade deeper and deeper hinting to me. Six p.m., the clouds roll off into the distance clearing the way for my light to shine. Seven p.m., the last oranges and reds of the sun sweep away clearing the night sky. Eight p.m., some glowing stars can be seen if you stare. Nine p.m., the brilliance of my color is finally revealed. You can take my picture and make a book, but you will never capture my pure beauty. You can paint me onto the side of a jewelry box, but the depths of my radiance will never be matched. I am an individual star, floating amongst a sea of others. Nobody can duplicate me.

Through the dark and light I am always shining. During the rain and snow I may appear invisible, but I am still there. The clouds and fog can disguise my appearance, but whatever the conditions, I will be there. On many occasions, the moon is overpowering. Its rays keep me safe though and watch over me through the night.

Someday I will become a shooting star and shine the brightest. I'll streak across the black sky as if it were my stage to perform whatever I wish. I am a star, and although I may not shine the brightest yet, I will always shine my best.