American Business in China

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American Business in China

As Americans we have come to believe that our country is the home of the free and the brave and the land of opportunity. However, the truth is that even though we are the most modern of nations and the most technologically advanced there are other areas of the world where opportunity is greater. China is a nation with a large population and many resources. This is a country that is largely untapped as a resource, and as a market for American goods. American business should invest in China because of its large market, change in the communist government ideas and because of success of companies there and the interest of other countries in China.

China has been trying to be come a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization) for a number of years. One of the main sticking points has been its political problems with religion and prisoners.

However, despite this fact, many nations have already started investing in China. A prime example of this is Japan. Japan's history with China has been a rather difficult one. They have been viewed as an enemy for a long time because of the World War II, but despite this fact and resentment by some of the older people, Japan has been investing in large numbers in China. If one is to pick up an item by any Japanese manufacturer, one will see that most of these are not made in Japan anymore. In fact the large number are assembled in China. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, land for plants in the small area of Japan is just too expensive. China has large areas where there is open land. Most of the population of China lives in large cities in the east. As costs of...