American Dating Limited To Color

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American Dating Limited to Color In a world full of different races, colors, and creeds, America has been the least accepting of these couples mixing, marrying, or bearing children. Some of the people have gone so far as to cast verbal and physical threats that can ultimately lead to murder.

In this day, where Americans are trying to let their neighbors know that they shouldn't care about interracial relationships, the typical interracial couple only wants have a solid, quiet relationship like everyone else. There are more than 1.2 million interracial couples in America alone, nearly quadruple from twenty years ago (Source Facts). They are constantly kept in the eye of the public, since people have definite ideas and feelings about mixing races. They often attempt to justify their hateful feelings with parts of the Bible. The Bible states that priests are supposed to only marry a virgin in their own race.

People who despise interracial couples try to manipulate this into "No one is to marry outside their race." They fail to see that also in the Bible, Abraham married an Ethiopian woman. Abraham's sister did not approve of this because of her race. God condemned Abraham's sister (Bible 192). This is a clear sign that interracial relationships are approved by God.

What drives people attempt to find something wrong with miscegenation? The easiest and most logical answer is that most Americans suffer from xenophobia, the fear of different people, or things. People tend to want be in control and have power, but how can they be in control of something they can not understand or is different to them. The insecurity in this situation causes xenophobia, which can also be caused by racial tension from past experiences. Stereotypes about other races also drive people to hate...