American Expansion - Written in the perspective of a pro-imperialist during the times of imperialism (early 1900's).

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Expansion is necessary for all great nations that dream of becoming a world power. American Expansion will benefit other countries in many ways. From a social aspect, schools will be opened, hospitals will be established, cures for diseases will be found, roads will be built and so will bridges and canals. Economically, the U.S. will expand their trade, more markets will be opened up for exports and imports. Technology will be improved which will increase production for the countries under U.S. influence. Job opportunities will also be opened up. Politically, America will gain important military bases. For example, a naval base in Hawaii would be an excellent spot as it is in the middle of the pacific between Asia and America. Not just America will be benefited politically though. Other countries will receive a stabilized government and democracy views will be spread. Citizens will be able to vote for the people who they feel will best lead their country.

It is ridiculous for some people to say that American Expansion is self-centered. Although America will benefit greatly by expanding into the Pacific, these other countries will benefit just as much. American Expansion is a fair deal for all.

Many countries in the Pacific are without paved roads and stable bridges. These things are a necessity when it comes to transportation. These countries such as the Dominican Republic and the Philippines just have dirt trails. They do not have the money, time, or workers to create organized and paved roads. Some of the benefits of paved roads are things such as a longer life of the vehicles. Paved roads won't be so rough. They will also give people a better sense of direction as dirt trails can sometimes confuse people and send them off track. Of course this is not the...