American Indian Massacre: Deceit, Abuse and Hopes of Freedom

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American Indians (aka Native Americans) were the first people to settle down inAmerica. The Native Americans had lived on this continent since about 12,000 BC. Therewere probably about 10 million Indians populating America north of present-day Mexico.

They were rich variety of peoples, cultures and languages. American Indians were differentfrom the Europeans. They were non-Christian. Arrogant Europeans made a problem out of it.

This resulted in killing off American Indians. They were killed as the effect of racism.

Slavery, the treatment of the Native Americans and the events lead to this horrible result.

When people talk about slavery, the first thing that comes to their mind will beAfrican American slaves in America. America was the most pro-slave country at AmericanCivil War times. In the Americas, slavery played an important role in the economicdevelopment of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, nearly all of the West Indies,Venezuela, and the United States. Americans needed slaves to easily get their tradingbusiness going.

Slaves were easy and cheap way to produce cotton, tobacco and sugar canequickly. It was easy to keep a slave, simply because the owner had all the rights over him/her.

The slaves literally had no rights. If they would try to do anything against the owner or forexample stop working, the owner would have all the rights to punish him/her in any wayhe/she wanted. Slaves were like animals. The slave owners made slaves work and feel likeanimals. White people felt blessed by God because of their white skin, and that is why theytreated dark-skinned people as if they were from the devil. Native Americans werecontinually mistreated. Indians were now being seen as non whites. They were looked at as“savages” and whites worked them as slaves and treated them wrongly.

Why were the American Indians treated badly? The answer lies within the ManifestDestiny.