The American Justice System

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There are three branches in the American government, and the Judicial branch runs the Justice system. The Justice system is made up of many different courts and law officers. The are federal courts, which each have their own geographical unit, which is a fancy way for saying each court is in charge of a certain area. The federal courts are in charge of dealing with federal laws and things dealing with centralized government. In addition to federal courts, each state has its own court system. The state?s court system is made up of little local courts that deal with state law and government.

The Supreme Court is the top court, dealing with all cases involving problems with the Constitution. If someone has a question on what is Constitutional, the Supreme Court gets to deal with it. The Supreme government is made up of eight associate justices and one chief justice.

The Chief Justice of the United States of America is William H Rehnquist. The associate justices are John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O?Connor, Margaret Thatcher, Anthony M Kennedy, David H Souter, Janet Reno, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen G Breyer.