American Market Revolution

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America’s market revolution left a profound impact on the American Worker.Before the Market Revolution took place, the nation‘s economy was based on the production of the subsistence farmer and his family. Each individual had their own role to play within the family unit. However with the advent of the market revolution, the American worker’s way of life would change in terms of demographics, women and the home, and the new ideology of capitalism.

The demographic changes brought about by the market revolution were quite extensive. The urban populace grew exponentially thanks to the new mechanization of the textile mill and assembly line. The cities began to bulge under the stress of each incoming wave of immigration and domestic emigration to fill each new job created by this expanding market. Also along with the new industry came new, more efficient ways of transportation which encouraged more and more people to move out west.

Inevitably with the rapid growth of an industrial market, the void of poverty and division of classes grew deeper. As with the American way of life, the national image of America was also changing with this new market revolution as people decided whether to move west or move to the city.

American’s economy soon began to make leaps and bounds as the market revolution took hold. People began to make more money and jobs were more abundant. This new found opportunity also effected women as well; women’s role in the household were drastically changing. The atmosphere was now set for women to start working and the chance to take part in reform. The new economy gave women the confidence to take affirmative action. Thus, this new economy also spelled the end to the cooperative sense of the family unit as the domestic role of homemaker was devalued...