The American Revolution

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The American Revolution

In April 1775, a historical war was started by the colonists against the British in America. The

economic warfare between Great Britain and the colonists began well before the colonies declared their

independence in 1776. Many of the the decisions made by the British and the colonists caused the

conflict to be more economically rooted, rather than political and social.

Many of these economic differences started with the French & Indian War. This is also known

as the Seven Years War. This began in 1754 and the first major event happened in 1755 when the

British were defeated at Ft. Duquesne. The war ended in 1763 causing many economic problems.

Things like the British claims greatly expanded in America. Victory­flushed, Britain emerged from the

Seven Years' War holding one of the biggest empires in the world­and also, the biggest debt. Most of

this debt came from spending money on the war. In an effort to justify and service this debt, British

officials moved to redefine their relationship with the North American Colonies.

In 1763 the resentment towards the colonists became clear when Prime Minister George

Grenville ordered the navy to strictly enforce the Navigation laws. He also secured from Parliament the

Sugar Act in 1764. It was the first law passed in terms of raising tax revenues in the colonies for the

crown. Among other provisions, it increased duty on foreign sugar imported from the West Indies. The

colonists, after many bitter protests, had the duties lowered substantially. This shows how the conflict

was rooted economically because the people were very unhappy that there was now a larger tax on

sugar. This would be just a small example of how the British and colonists had economic conflict with

each other. The resentment was still alive thanks...