The American Revolution

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The American Revolution is an evolutionary thing; it did not just happen over night, intolerable acts and loss of freedom piled on the colonist till they couldn't comply with the king any more.

In 1733 the Molasses Act was formed, this is a tax on molasses and sugar. This is just one of the acts that drove the colonist to independence. Molasses/Sugar is very important to the colonist; they used the sugar to turn it in to rum which is a major in trade with the French and Dutch. On top of the act the law stated that trade would be only between New England and the British. That would cause the colonist to loose money, because they would no longer be able to trade with the French or the Dutch. (, the Molasses Act)

In 1754-1763 The French and Indian (7 years war) began. In 1751 George Washington was sent to Ohio Valley to radicate the lands from the French but failed.

1755 British send Edward Bradick to America with 800 British Troops to suppress the French, but again were unsuccessful. British finally decided to go to war with France, William Pitt was the First Lord of Treasury, he hired colonist for the war and also created a military colony. Promising them that they would be paid for there help afterwards. The British were victorious, On September 8, 1760 they took down Quebec the capital, it was the huge win. The war ended in 1763. (Mr. Lamb Lecture)

King George made a law called the Proclamation of 1763 which stated the colonists could not move westward over the Appalachian Mountains. Two major consequences came from this. They created an Indian reserve west of the Appalachians. It also restricted movement into the Ohio valley.

The Stamp Act was the 1st...