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American Spirit America was fertile soil for early writers. Among these were Anne Bradstreet, Jonathan Edwards, Edward Taylor, and Benjamin Franklin. Their writings show the spirit of yesterday's America.

Bradstreet showed America's inner strength in her writing about the burning of her house. Her passage, ''Then, coming out, beheld a space the flame consumed my dwelling place and when I could no longer look, I blest His name that gave and took'' (Bradstreet, 2000, p.69) showed that although her house was burning, she was still strong from her faith in the Lord. Puritan beliefs relied heavily on God, and that any tragedy was of His gesture for their well-being. Her poem about her house burning helped modern America see the spirit 350 years ago.

Edwards displayed a great sense of fear in early America that modivated people to become better, more appeasing people to their Lord. His compelling sermon ''Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'' displayed an image of people being held by God's hand over the fiery pits of hell, and that he could let them drop down like ''a rock through a spider web'' with nothing left to help them (Edwards, 2000).

This fear of being held over hell's fiery pit showed the modivational center of most the Puritans from early America, with the comparison of them falling to hell like a rock through a spider web. This fear helped early Americans use their beliefs to better shape today's America.

Taylor's piece ''Huswifery'' compared his life to a spinning wheel of God, making a connection between early Americans and personal identity. His general passage was asking God to make him a tool of Him, relating how every aspect of his life would fit in (Taylor, 2000). This writing showed how he saw his life...