Americas' Prescription Drug Crisis

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Our modern-day society is virtually inundated with hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements that feature prescription drug cures for various symptoms or illnesses. The privately owned, mega-drug companies will probably never take the average consumer into careful consideration; when testing, marketing, distributing, and disposing of the very items that make the corporate owned and operated drug conglomerates billions of dollars every year. Consumers at the grass root level must take into consideration that the corporate drug companies’ main objective is to make as much profit as humanly possible; all at the prescription drug consumers’ expense. Citizens must mobilize at the community level and pressure our local, state, and federal leaders; to hold the drug companies’ accountable for their wayward actions. Understanding the very daunting task of maintaining an acceptable degree of healthy life skills and habits seems to plague Americans every time they turn on virtually any type of media-related communication device; be it their televisions, laptops, PDA systems, or Personal PC.

We must admit that the American consumer is swamped with marketing ads that promise relief from pain for things such as back pain, headaches, and mood disorders, to name only a fraction. We are going to focus on the dismal results of the humongous drug ad campaigns of the privately held companies. Secondly, we will examine the effect of the active and inactive chemicals that drug factories discard each year upon the environment. Lastly, we will craft a possible solution to the problem of water contamination by drug companies; and the lasting legacy that we could leave for the next generation if we would mobilize our efforts. Recognizing, understanding, and becoming pro-active are the three major ways in which citizens will be able to take back power from the drug lobbyists; and place it back into the hands...