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Why am I choosing a chameleon? Well, I am a bit of what you call a chameleon. I asses a situation, and generally adapt accordingly. I mold my personality and behavior depending on what situation I find myself in. I am a different person to different people. I change colors to make others comfortable. I change colors as a protection mechanism. Not out of fear that I, like the chameleon, will be eaten whole by a starved jungle creature, but that in revealing a real, raw self, I will expose weaknesses and flaw.

For instance, in the presence of my immediate family like my brother, sister, mother, and father, I'm a jokester, the free spirited younger one, bit of a brat, bit of a smart-butt, always the butt of jokes, always counted on to keep the party going and the laughter steady. In the presence of my extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles), I transform into a quieter, more pessimistic, less released version of my other self.

In the presence of friends? Well, that depends. If you're Yoshi, I'm laid-back, content, and fueled by talk of all the adventures we'll have. Because that's how Yoshi guides me. If you're Keonni, I'm allowed to be indulgent, sassy, and exposed. I can tell you how I feel, tell you when to shut up, tell you when to get lost, and trust you to get your butt to my house in an emergency. Because that's how she treats me. If you're Lindsey, I'm a more polished, polite, controlled version of myself, until the inevitable Ring Of Fire drinking game. The liquor starts flowing and then I am full of surprises, creating beer can towers, pulling pranks and dancing like I have epilepsy. Chances are on several occasions drunk, I have been asked...