What are and how do Stem cells affect society

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Stem Cell Research Paper

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Stem cells are one of the most fascinating cells that are in our body, theses cells have the ability to differentiate or turn into any other types of cells. And for that reason they have been really interesting to scientist and now became one of the most helpful researches being done in medicine today. Scientist found these stem cells can "differentiate into different types of cells during early life and growth in our body to" (National Institutes of Health, 2002) Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can renew in cell division and become things like organs, tissue, and special cells with specific functions. There are two types of stem cells. One is called embryonic stem cells which are pluripotent stem cells and are found 3-5 day after fertilization in an embryo.

Stem cells are also known for having very peculiar and unique properties that that other familiar cells; like muscle cells, and nerve cells don't have. Which it the ability to replicate numerous of times which is known as proliferate. Stem cells can renew themselves as much as they can in cell division opposite to other ordinary cells. In specific stem cells are unspecialized cells and that is one of the thing that make then fundamental to scientist. Stem cells have no tissue-specific structure and that is what allows them to become any other type of cells in differentiation. And most of all as scientist become to research more, they found out that stem cells can be the answer and the cure to...