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How many of you have been stricken with a disease from birth? We have seen a speech on a girl that was born with two left feet and she told of how it effected her. There are so many diseases that you can get from birth, from Heart diseases, Down syndrome, Diabetes, Sickel Cell, Dwarfism. Many times you hear sad stories of people born with defects such as these and how they have struggles and learned to cope with it. One such example is that of André René Roussimoff. Andre was born on May 19th 1945 to two normal sized parents in Grenoble France. But he was born with acromegaly, also known as giantism. He even had 4 normal sized siblings. This disease is actually not as it sounds. It isnt just being born and growing really tall. There are adverse effects to it. It is actually a disease that results in an over-abundance of growth hormones his whole life.

By the age of 17 Andre was already over 6 foot 7 inches. Most of his life, Andre grew up knowing that he had this such disease and knew that at any time he could die. Have Any of you had some one tell you that you could die at any given moment. How would you take that, how would you live. Andre was told that he Would likely not live over the age of 40. Even with such a disease Andre will most likely be known for his Talent Drive and Attitude.

Now one thing that Andre had over many people was his Size, but He also had talent. He didn’t let his size get in the way of what he wanted . He was good at was making the best of what he was given. He was as...