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“My approach to the photograph is to keep it simple, almost routine.” (Goldsworthy) This is what Andy Goldsworthy keeps in mind when capturing his artwork. Andy Goldsworthyis one of the most impressionable environmental artists that has ever been. Environmental art can re-envision our relationship with the world and inform us about Earth processes. It can also educate us about environmental problems and what we could be doing to resolve theseissues. But his work shows how beautiful and inspiring the Earth can be, and is better described as Earthworks. He arranges nature to show a different meaning that we would not normally imagine.

Andy Goldsworthy was born in Cheshire in 1956 and brought up in Yorkshire. In the area he lived he was surrounded by a wooded area full of nature waiting to be observed. He started to become more and more interested in nature and what he could create without destroyed its natural meaning.

Eventually, he started understanding what stories the Earth was trying to tell him and what he could create with these natural elements. (Baker) He started making sculptures with wood. The woods were very important to him, and he always went back to his home to create more works of art if he had left during the school year.

Goldsworthy had a rough time in school before college. High school was not his strongest point in school. Bradford College of Art later accepted him and this is where he was encouraged to keep designing his environmental art. He wanted to continue schooling afterBradford, but was not accepted anywhere for a while. Finally Lancaster offered him a spot in their Fine Art Course and this was a major starting point of his career. People finally started realizing his true potential. (Strickland-Constable)Many different mediums are used in Goldsworthy’s artwork.