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A Message From an Angel

I was thirty-seven weeks pregnant, and only two weeks away from my due date.

It was a bright sunny Monday morning in July and I was already late for my doctor's

appointment. I threw on my favorite sweat shorts and an XXXL tee shirt to cover my

enhanced belly. I rushed out the door deciding to take the short cut to the hospital. I had

to walk because I didn't have a car yet. I wasn't complaining too much because my feet

weren't as swollen as they were the day before.

On my way to the hospital, which was only a couple of blocks from my

apartment, I cut through an alley which lead to a shorter route to the hospital. Through

the corner of my eye a bright orange deflated balloon caught my attention. The balloon

was dangling from an old rusted fence with a hand written laminated note tied to the end

of the balloon's string.

I broke the string where it was so tattered and tore the note off. I

put the note in my pocket, then I continued on my way. On my way back home from the

doctor I took out the note and read it. It was a message to anyone to anyone who found

the note to pray for their son, Kraig Davis, who had died in the Oklahoma City bombing.

At the end of the message it gave the address of Kraig's parents.

Finally, I arrived at my apartment. When I got upstairs I decided to write to the

address that was written on the note. I wrote a letter telling them that I will keep their son

in my prayers and that God is watching over him, and not to worry because they have an...