"Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt

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Life is not always peaceful and routine because it brings both adversity and prosperity. At times, many individuals are faced with hardships that take them further away from their future destinations. These difficulties can not be eliminated with our control and if such was the case, it would not be surprising to see every human being in the world living a perfect lifestyle. However, the challenges that we face are what make life an interesting experience for us. We can eventually learn to interpret many lessons from these challenges as we grow older. In the novel, "Angela’s Ashes", by Frank McCourt, the author captivates the reader into his inspiring life story in which he is struggling through many situations starting from his childhood years to his early adulthood. The author informs the reader about the significance of obstacles in life and how they help individuals achieve their ultimate goal, instead of hindering their dreams.

Frank McCourt clearly demonstrates this concept throughout his life by facing his external conflicts, developing specific major traits and a mature personality, and finally, by accomplishing his dream of returning to America.

An individual can be faced with several external conflicts from a very young age. In the case of Frank McCourt, the first and most important conflict Frank faced in his childhood years was poverty. Although this point is emphasized throughout the novel, there is one quotation which creates a clear mental image of McCourt’s unfortunate years. This is evident when Frank says,She says if Dad’s job lasts we’ll get proper cups and maybe saucers and some day with the help of God and his blessed mother, we’ll have sheets on the bed and if we save a long time a blanket or two (134).

This quotation shows the severe and harsh conditions...